"Cast the First Stone...Based Upon a True Story!!!"

Red Wire and Thorny Branches.

"The Truth needs no rehearsal" ~ Barbara Kingsolver

The movie 'Cover'.....printed, distressed with chalk, then covered in high gloss dimensional glaze to give it texture and rigidity. Superimposed over the closed book. Because....the 'education' I was getting at that time hasn't proved very helpful to me.

I do wish to honor the teachers, parents, staff, and children who tried very hard to mitigate the negative effects. I'm grateful for their efforts. I'm willing to give all the benefit of the doubt that their intentions were well meant, with a few exceptions. Those people, I choose to forgive. There was another teacher who clearly disliked me and my friend and also did some things that by themselves should also have garnered at least a reprimand. But when this kind of chaos in going on, it empowers others to misbehave in ways they might not if they were in a more controlled environment.

There was far, far too many events at that school that were inappropriate to include on just one sculpture.

The show's review on the ImDB website was a source of inspiration to me. Because of the buy-in of the movie point-of-view, and no mentioning of another 'addition' to 'true'....I felt including so much of the case law on this piece was important to me. I didn't want the world to only have one view - such as the one they have as the 'synopsis' on their website.

That others continue profiting from this seems like an ongoing injustice against us all.

I should mention this was in the time when Jill Eikenberry was famous for 'LA Law' - which up until then, my sister and I often watched together. I stopped watching that show and still choose not to view it.

Anne Margaret was first cast for the part. I remember that my Mom cried and cried when that appeared in "The Star" announcing her being cast. This experience taught me that there's always more to anything labelled as 'Based On a True Story...'

I hold no animosity towards Jill Eikenberry....I know she was just an actress playing a 'part.' From what the stories were in the media, how could she (or ANYONE outside of this) have known better?

But I can't watch any of her shows/movies, without thinking about this, so I don't. But not out of anger towards her.

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